Compliance Forms

USA Patriot Act

Certificate by which Banco Itaú BBA International, S.A. attests that it maintains a physical presence in Portugal, subject to supervision from the Bank of Portugal, the regulatory authority that authorises it to conduct banking activities. Banco Itaú BBA International, S.A. also attests that it does not use accounts in order to provide indirect banking services to banks that do not maintain a physical presence in any country and that are not a regulated affiliate.

USA Patriot Act, Banco Itaú BBA International, S.A.       |     pdf_button     |     [English – 214 KB]



Questionnaire by which Banco Itaú BBA International, S.A. provides an overview of its policies and practises in order to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorist activities.

AML Questionnaire, Banco Itaú BBA International, S.A.   |     pdf_button     |     [English – 885 KB]


Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding

Certificate by which Banco Itaú BBA International, S.A. attests - for the purposes of withholding taxes on rents earned in the United States - that it is a bank incorporated in p Portugal, and identifies its US tax ID number.

W-8BEN Form - London                                                                           |     pdf_button     |     [English – 434 KB]


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